Blue Dawn


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Waking up in the freezing cold of Winter at 4 am…driving in the pitch black with no idea if I’m heading in the right direction. Hitting a dead wombat – which was in the middle of this very dark road, my car flying through the air for a brief moment of time. ┬áThe car keeps going thank goodness (no broken axle for me) I then upon a miracle find I have arrived at my destination. The morning light is starting…I quickly get out of my car set up – just in time to capture this magical shot. ┬áThis will always be a special one for me x

Individually produced to the highest possible standards, Lynne Alexander Gallery prints are printed on metallic paper which features a brilliant silver halide finish and then framed on Acrylic mount. When lit correctly your images seems to glow. Hand signed, titled and numbered by Lynne these Limited Release Editions come with an Certificate of Authenticity and will increase in value making them an excellent investment, as well as a stunning art piece for your home or office. All my Limited Editions are then framed on Acrylic mount.